Print file delivery specifications

When designing your printing, we ask you for a print file. For good printing, you need the right file. Print files come in many different extensions and formats. For example, if you have a logo designed you get it from the designer in different formats and extensions. These files then also contain the color structure of the logo in 1 or more PMS colors.

PMS color range

There are simply 2 types of files to distinguish, vector files and pixel files. Below we will further explain vector and pixel files and which file we need for your printing.

Vector file: For general printing, a vector file is required for best printing. For example, a vector file has 1 of the following extensions: .eps / .ai / .svg / .pdf

Pixel file: Pixel files are very good for use in websites or for photos. For example, a pixel file has 1 of the following extensions: .jpg / .png / .tiff / .psd / .gif / .bmp

So for printing the various disposables, we need your logo or design in a vector file. If you have questions about this, we can always advise you. In some cases, it is also possible to convert a pixel file to a vector file. On this page you can find all the working drawings to download and create your own print file. For questions and advice, you can always contact us via the contact page.

What are cliché costs?
For several products, we also charge a cliché fee. What exactly is this? Cliché fees are one-time charges for a print. A cliché is a kind of stamp or printing form with your own printing or logo on it. There are printers who incorporate these costs into every print but usually these are one-time costs. You can use the stamp or printing form multiple times for repeat orders and so you often only have this cost with the first printing as with our smoothie cups.

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